What is the best subwoofer to get on a budget of £500?

I'm looking to get a good sound system for my Peugeot 206, i need some advice to get a good sound.


how to hook up a amp and a subwoofer to a standard audio system?

i must agree the W7 is a very nice sub and will happily be inverted so its chrome base shows outside the box instead of being hidden inside.
the W7 12" is optimum at about 700watts RMS and runs on a very weird 3ohms. does come in at top end of your budget about £500 tho. But i have seen 2 of these and a W5 in my mates 206 and bugger me! they are loud but for 3 subs you would expect that. anyway back to subs...

How do I unhook my car alarm? It was installed at Best Buy years ago but I no longer want it.?

My favourites by far are the alpine subs. I originally started with a type L £40 was ok but then i upgraded to an Type S £100 900watts 300W RMS. and is alot clearer and more defined. My mate has the higher powered version the type R 1500 watts, 500 watts RMS £140 ish
i don't know anyone with a Type X but their £309.99 have 1000watts RMS and 3000watts peak. I really do think tthat they all produce more than they are labeled at.

need cheap car radio?

hope this helps

How to add an aux input for a Ipod to a 1997 Mercedez E420 while I can keep the CD changer?

ive got one in mine but you cant have it! i have another for sale though! where are you?

How to clean a in dash Cd player?

(i have the bassbox with amp already attached! 600w)

what do i need to put some boom in my car? nothing too loud but something that sounds good.?

te best is mtx9500 or another option jl audio w7...mtx is lil better

How do I know if a certain subwoofer enclosure and amplifier will work in my car? Want to buy online, afriad.

FORGET the sub, they sound awful, and everyone laughs at the plebs who drive down the road with the boomboomboom rap crap blasting out and we all think :''tossours''...
you will grow out of the 'boy racer stage' just spend the money on a good cd changer and normal speakers... cheers

I have a 92 buick regal. the radio is broke and no standard radio really fits. is it possible to fit a standar

what the hell you say^^^^^^^^^^^^

Whats better? 2, 12" Subs w/250 Watts RMS or 1, 12" sub w/500 Watts RMS?

now i dont no how much a euro is compared to american dollar

I have a question about my car stereo?

but i think its us 1 dollar to 1.5 euro something like that

which car stero is the best .give me the company ,price n model number if u can ,please.?

so you have like 750 a 12'' mtx 9500 would best suite you

Does the thickness of the wire matters why/ or why not?

or get like 100 more and a jl w7

What would I need to push a 12" L5 Solo Baric?

i have jl w6 and it's fantastic!...i would have got the w7 (but didn't wanna splash out too much)

How much power does it take for an amp to work??

get the w7 if you wanna flash the cash!!
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