How do i build a subwoofer box for my jeep?

i know the speakers i want, Polk MOMO's 2 x 10". I go to polks site and they give all kinds of spec for the speaker. one being Vas = 1.083 cu. ft. i think this is the volume for the internal of the box. but is this after subtracting teh volume the speaker itself takes up? if so what value is that? would a inside dimension of 10"x14"x13" each side work good for a sealed enclosure. making outside dims 11.5"X15.5"x28.25" using 3/4" MDF. then i would likely liquid nail and screw the box together, using the liquid nails like a caulk on all seams.
then would i want polly fill for this size box? what does poly fill do?
any insight to any area will be appreciated.


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Vas (equivalent air compliance) is the volume of air that offers the same degree of restoring force on the cone as that of the cone's suspension.

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The Vas may be use to calculate the volume (Vb) of the enclosure.

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A subwoofer and it's box have there own Q (quality) factor (Qcb=Q of closed box, Qts=Q of speaker)and together they form what is known as the system Q. A system Q of 0.7 gives the smoothest roll off in the low frequency response of the system. Above 0.7 causes a hump in the bass response and below this causes the bass to fall off at a higher frequency.

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A program called WinISD will help you in the design.

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Here are some tips on box building

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with those dimentions it is a little over 1 cubic foot for each side which should be fine for those subs. I wouldn't recommend liquid nail... I would get a good wood glue like titebond 2 and I can't strees enough to predrill the holes for the screws because MDF splits pretty easy. seeing your work get split on the last screw because you didn't predrill is the worst feeling in the world


Good Luck
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