What system should i put into my car?

Im selling my L7 12" to a friend of myn and everything included and starting out fresh, I want something thats really loud but has the good quality with it, my L7 wasn't as loud as i wanted but had decent quality so what should i get?


how much bass can u get from 2 10" subs or am i jus wasting my time with them?

Head Unit/Alpine
Speakers/Infinity Kappa
Subs/JL Audio W3-1
Amps/Kicker or JL Audio

Which amplifier should I get? UK?

Just don't buy anything made by Kenwood. Their stuff is all low-quality crap. Every Kenwood component I've had broke within a year. I never bought their stuff again after that. Pioneer used to be good, but they kinda suck now too.
Since it sounds like you are asking about speakers, try JBL. I've had a set of JBL speakers for years and they've never had any problems and sound pretty damn good too.

what is line out?

Nonononononono !! Rockford fosgate !! Rockfords are almost impossible to kill ! And they sound very very very good !! Just go to a audio store that sells Rocford subs in a box and check them out. U wont regret it !

I have a Boston Acoustics radio that has an "X" on the display and a screeching sound. It won't play.

Both the speakers and the subs from Rockford fosgate are GREAT !

I am looking for an ipod adapter for a 2003 Nissan Altima with the bose 6 disk CD player. HELP!?

You need to first ask, How much can I afford? With technology these days, you don't always need more to have bigger and better sound, like you did in the past. I've built many competition cars in my day. Placed 2nd loudest in the world back in 85 & 86 with an 85 Honda Accord 2 dr. hatchback w/16 - 15" rockford fosgate subs, and only a power 1000 powering them. Cracked a few windows to. But these days, many manufacturers are making subs that can handle more but need less power to make them louder. In my older days, I could take a very inexpensive speaker, like radio shack subs, and make them sound just as good as a high end expensive one. Depends on how you build the box, and set them up to get what you want. Some subs need to be ported (holes in the box to vent) and some will run in a sealed box. So by this, name brands are good but not necessary, each company puts alittle more into a speaker than another. You need to take the time to read up on name brands and non-name brands and decide what you like. Then see what your budget can afford. Then see if you can find a store that offers what you are interested in, and see if they can let you hear them. Make your decision, take your time, buy what you can afford, and enjoy your ride for along time.

I have a 2002 Volkswagon bug w/ cassette player, does any on know what will really work for playing my Ipod??

Hope this helps.
Good luck!
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