Why is it that my CD player sound is not amplified?

When I play the stereo, we are rockin, subs and all speakers, but put in a cd and buzz kill, sound is there but sounds like it's in mono. Why?


What is the size of aftermarket car door speakers I can put in a 2006 Chevy Silverado regular cab.?

Disconnect whatever you have connected to the blue wire on your Sony head unit. Re-connect it to the blue/white wire instead.

How can I get rid of the static when I play my radio in my truck?

Your amplifiers are connected to the deck's power antenna control output (blue) which is active only when the tuner is on. You need to use the remote output (blue/white) instead, because it's active whenever the deck power is on.

How do you set the clock on a 1985 cadillac eldorado symphony sound radio?

A few newer Sony head units don't have a remote output. In this case, I'd suggest a different deck.

How do you wire two dual voice coil subs in a sealed box to a mono amp??

Well mono is better cuz it gives more power to the subs, you dont even know anything.

How do I remove the stock radio of a 1995 Geo Metro Lsi sedan?

lol, hes not talking about his subs, you idiot. he's talking about it sounding like his sterio is in mono, not sterio, when he puts in a cd. wow, and when you told him he didnt know anything made me laugh. good times. if you dont have any idea what the question is about, then dont answer.

Do wires from speaker to amp got + to + or + to -?

ok, now i've never heard this problem i'll just assume that you've tried differnt cds. make sure you try a cd that isnt burned. your HU just might not like CD-Rs. you may just have a cd player going bad.

Whats an inexpensive but good car/truck speakers and subwoofers?

good luck

What's the best kind of box to get the most of your woofers??

is it a burned cd or an original? that may make a difference. what kind of head unit is it?
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