What is the best size Amp?

It's for 2 Kenwood 800w 10" single-voice-coil subwoofers


how can i stop my bass rattling my car?

This seems to be your sub so you could do two things here. Since yours subs are 175watts rms you can find a two channel amp tha puts out 200 watts per channel at 4ohms or a mono amp that does 350-400watts at 2ohms.

bought a1995 pathfinder that had a stolen stereo out of it. installed stero and right connections. no power.?

Here is a kicker that does 400 watts rms at 2ohms.
I think that one might be a bit much.

i have a 92 Honda accord and i removed my stock speakers and striped the wire and pluged in two speakers?

Here is another kicker rated at 300watts rms at 2ohms as well and not that expensive. I think this one would be better.
To connect you subs at 2ohms just connect all the positives to the positive on the amp and all the negatives to the negative. Good luck

i'm looking for a PA system for my car, do i go with the CB radio or police sanner with speaker or other?

* Specifications:
o Subwoofer: 10" (250mm) Pearl Mica Cone Type
o Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
o Peak Input Power: 800W
o Rated Input Power: 175W
o Sensitivity: 91dB/W @ 1 m
o Free Air Resonance: 35Hz
o Frequencyu Response: 28-800Hz
o Vas: 1.556 cu.ft (44.04 L)
o Qms: 10.55
o Qes: 0.44
o Qts: 0.42
o Mounting Depth: 4 5/8" (117mm)
o Magnet Weight: 49.3 oz
o Net Weight: 3850g

Ok, another Car stereo question!?


Capacitor for my amps?

That all depends on what you want to spend, but the previous answer is pretty much right.

Will the subs sound better if I get an amplifier with a higher continuous power rating?

But this is what I would do. Pick out 2 or 3 audio installers in your area, preferably mom and pop shops, and get their advise. Ask questions, and let them ask you questions so that they each can come up with a good solution for you, and then decide which solution is best for you.

How do I go about installing my dvd monitors to my existing car stereo for better sound?

Also, crutchfield.com is an excellent resource on aftermarket audio and 'how stuff works'. Hope this helps.
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