What kind of sub box do I want?

I got two Directed A/D/S 10" subs and I can't decide to go with a sealed or ported box. I mainly listen to Rock but with some rap and pop.


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The manufacturer will have recommendations for enclosure types and sizes. If you can't find one, build one. Here is the basics on what's involved and the different types of enclosures and what they do:

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Look for the program WinISD Pro from linear team as it will help you design an enclosure.

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Some pro audio shops will also design and build one for you as well. Custom fit is always best.

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Not all subs can handle certain types of enclosures and WILL cause damage to them.

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go with ported. you will have lots of quick hits w/ rock, ported is better for that.

just curious about stock speakers?

one that has money in it?

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Go for sealed box man! i've tried both but most ppl say that sealed box is better. It can play low frequencies really well

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oh dude i would go with a double or triple bandpass box for the maximumthump for rap but they also work good for rock just gotta have different settings for each type of music but thats the way to go

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You will be happier with ported, it will give you more bass responds, and that is why you have a sub anyway!

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rock sounds the best in a sealed box. ported tends to be more sloppy.

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my vote is ported. my friend had one rockfordfosgate 12" punch in the back of his jeep grandcheerkee in a ported enclosure. it was amazing. because the cone can reverberate over a longer amplitude giving a diffferent effect. if you would rather have the deeper, but more muffeled sound, the sealed is better.
here are a couple good ref.s
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trust me rock sounds best in a sealed box
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