Anyone give instructions on how to install an aftermarket deck into 2001 Grand Prix. Time? Level of Difficulty

It does not have bose or anyother special features any info would help because I am trying to decide if I should do it myself.


How do i set the time on my Alpine car CD Receiver.?

Under an hour if you have the right parts. Use a mounting kit made for Pontiacs like the Metra 99-3320, a standard GM wire harness and antenna adapter. Two 7mm screws hold the knee panel underneath the steering column; remove the screws and the panel. Adjust the tilt steering to its lowest positon; remove the ashtray; turn the key on (set parking brake first) and move the shifter into a lower gear to get it out of your way.

Will my amp be enough?

The dash panel that surrounds the radio, climate controls, light switch and instrument cluster needs to come off; it's only held on with pressure clips around the perimeter. Just carefully pull around the edge to release the clips, unplug the back of the fog light switch, and remove the whole panel. It's not unusual for some of the pressure clips to come off the back of the dash panel as you pull it free; find them so you can push them back on--nothing will break if you're careful, they'll just pull off their mounts.

Do you all notice a difference between 2 ohm and 4 ohm sound?

Underneath the panel the radio is held in with 2 more 7mm screws. Remove them, pull the radio out, unplug the stock plug and antenna from the rear. Wire up your new harness, mount the new deck in the kit, plug in the radio and screw it into place, put the dash and knee panel back on and you're done.

2004 pontiac grand am se1 w/ monsoon. what adapter do i need to keep door chimes?

if u find your ground and positive u can figer it out
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