Amplifier question?

i have a amp that i wanna hook up and run 2 subs at a 2ohm load...
both sub specs:
10inch 500 watt max
250 rms

Speaker question?

amp specs:
500 Watt 2 Channel High Performance Amplifier
2 ohm stable
50Hz-250Hz Low Pass Filter
50Hz-250Hz High Pass Filter
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Power Output:
1 x 500 Watts Max @ 4 Ohms Bridged
500 Watts RMS (2 x 250 Watts RMS) @ 2 Ohms Stereo
Full MOSFET circuitry
Thermal, short circuit, and overload protection circuit
0 - 18 db variable bass boost @ 45 Hz
50 dB Channel Separation
90dB Signal Noise Ratio
22K Ohm Input Impedance
200mV-2V Input Sensitivity
THD: <0.05%
im not familliar on how to wire subs in series or in parrallel so please give details...


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I'm going to assume the subs are 4 ohm each.

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Since the amp doesn't specify that it's 2 ohm stable bridged (most aren't), you'll have to wire each sub to each channel. Each sub will only get 125 watts RMS each. There is only one other way to wire the system up safely and that's to series the subs for an 8 ohm load which is still only half the watts (250 total to both sub).

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You may want to think about getting a 250 watt RMS X 2 @ 4 ohm amp.

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look at your amp at where you hook up the speakers, right above there will be a very small diagram that says bridge, with two lines extending outward to two outputs, one positive and one negative,. Now the thing you want to do is hook the wires up to each speaker and then run the two speakers together, connecting the wires. Now from where those two wires connect splice one more wire on to them and hook that one up to you amp------thats how to bridge your speaker sometimes if you have the right amp it will give you double the power. hoped i helped you
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