Are the titanium subs from Eclipse audio a good investment?

the ones I'm interested in can be found here:
If I buy a couple of the 12" subs what type of box and amp should I expect to buy?


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those Titaniums are really good subs. i sometimes forget how good they are. they sound better then a w7, and some people say there louder. i say it depends more on the box and what kind of car its in, but between the 2 its anybody's contest.

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depending on what your going for will determin what kind of box you want. usually people who want all out SPL want a ported box. they tend to be louder then a sealed box. however they dont really sound as good. not to say they cant sound good, there just not going to sound as good as a sealed box.

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a sealed box is normally more for SQ guys like myslef. we want our bass to just great. we dont care about being heard from miles away. all we care about is the bass sounding great in our cars. this does not mean that a sealed box cant get loud, it just means that its not as loud as a ported box.

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your going to want to buy a 1500 watt RMS amp. 1500 watts at 4 ohms. i wouldnt recomend going cheap on this amp either. you can run a amp for each sub, just make sure there about 750 @ 4 ohms.

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good luck

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They are okay. Not my type of sub, not nearly enough SPL for me, but the SQ is much better than a lot of other subs. Don't know the price, if very exp don't get them, the titanium offers very little extra to it, mainly makes it look nice in my opinion. Amp wise, you will need about a 1500 watt amp, but it can vary depending on how you hook your subs up. Box wise, I have always loved ported over anything.
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