What is a good subwoofer for sound quality in a car?


Help focus 2002 radio?

I personally like Rockfords

What is the best CD player to put in this truck?

Infinity Kappa series

My radio tuner is broken or could it possibly be an antannae problem?

Hard to say without knowing how much you want to spend and what the rest of your system is like. For an otherwise stock system, the Infinity Bass Link is good. It is self-amped, servo-controlled, very adjustable, and costs under $200. I have one in my 06 Silverado.

Any car audio installers out there? Where can i find them and hire them?

I think the best sounding bass I ever had was from one 12" Kicker Solobaric (the old round one) in a 2 ft3 sealed enclosure driven off a 100W Rockford Fosgate amp in an F150 ext cab. Not enought to be Mr Bass King, but very good indeed with another Rockford driving 6.5" Boston Acoustics door speakers.

what are 2 way 3 way and 4 way speakers?

if u want kiss azz stuff follow my advice ..i'm a sound engineer and i have never seen better than Bose when it comes to car audio especially when ur talking low frequency (bass)

How much watts do i need in my amps to run my 4 speakers and sub?

Boston Acoustic
MB Quarts
Diamond Audio

Is there any way to customize my 1997 Ford Taurus with an in-dash stereo?

kicker subs..

Lost power and jammed my GM 6 disc cd change?

to me the best sound quality and good contionus bass are the JL audio subs... my brotther has them in his car and man when they say contionus bass,they really mean it.... they soud nice in quality and bass tooo... for an amp,,, kickers will do the trick.... they are known for there bass .also JL amps themself are good too...

Is there an way to fix a blow, subwoofer?

I have a Boston 10.5LF 4 ohm here great sound I'm selling it for $60 plus shipping. If your interested It is a great buy...
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