What is the best wiring configuration for 2 amps?

I just bought another amp for my 2 subs and right now i was told to run 1 power wire and spilt it and send the signal both ways one too one amp one to another the problem is my wiring is only rated at 1200 Watts ( 4 gauge) and my amps are 3200 watts max together since ive wired it it hasnt seemed to have gotten much louder maybe a decibel or 2 and i think it should be more because i just added another sub and another amp anyways i was just wondering if that is the way to do it and just get bigger wire or if i should maybe use 2 power wires...any suggestions will be apreciated ...


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With a two amp setup, you would run wire close to twice the size of wire from the battery to a distibution block, then run the guage wire you have now to each amp from the distro. block. Both amps would use the same grounding point.

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Use this wiring chart:

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Be sure the new fuse is the sum of all fuses on both amps.

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get the bigger wire you can go to online car stereo and get a very good one at a low price
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