What is the best comprehensive car audio system out there?

I am interested in getting my SUV outfitted with both satellite radio (XM or Sirius? You tell me) and something that is hard-wired to my vehicle's stereo system so that I can easily plug my iPod in and listen without having to look for an "empty" radio station every time I turn the car on. Currently, the vehicle's standard stereo system is good, but my Griffin RoadTrip does not work well when it comes to transmitting from the iPod to the stereo system. I'd love a great satellite radio and something that is not as cumbersome as the RoadTrip--and something that works (CD quality sound is my goal here). Also, where is the best place to have one installed so that my dashboard isn't full of electronic clutter.


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get a Pioneer z1. its a navi system, that you can plug your ipod into. but the really cool part is if you get XM, it will work with XM and decide your route based on how and where traffic is and isnt moving. thats what i would get if i were you. and of the Pioneer navi's are really good though. i myself have the n2, which is a flip out unit.

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alpine systems are great and you can get the auxilary import for your ipod

ive got a '97 izuzu rodeo?

Obviously It has to be Blaupunkt Audio Systems from Bosch...
Comes with a pretty hefty price tag..

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clarion is the best CD player out there a car audio store in your area you can buy one from www.onlinecarstero.com

whats a better amp? kenwood, poweracoustik, alpine, or hifonics?

If you want to get aftermarket sound out of your stock unit and be able to hook up an Ipod etc, check these out. . .
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