AMP Problem ????

my amped stopped working all of a sudden. i check the fuses both on the battery and on amp itself (fine). I pulled the sub out and wired to house system to see if its still working (fine). so now what all connections apparently seems to be intact. although the power indicator light on the amp appears to blinking. I have never had a AMP blow. Could this be doomsday for my amp?

Remote problems for headunit?

any help would be much anticipated.


Why no sound?

LOL.sounds exactly like what happened to my amp, like everyone else its probly fried. You can take it to an electronics store that specializes in car audio and have them take it apart and try to figure out what had happened to it, Try hooking it up to a friends system just to be sure...

Can anybody check how many RMS my sub and amp have? sub(PLANET AUDIO model vxp108) amp(PIONEER modelGM-5200T)

If it doesn't reset when you turn it off then on i'm sure it's doomsday.Go to you can get a good amp for really low prices.

I need wiring help with my subs and 2 channel amp?

unplug the speaker wires and the rca jacks turn on the radio and see if the led light is still blinking the amplifier is defective
that is all i can tell you because

Does anyone know which Sirius unit is compatiable with?


Dual voice coil subs, powering one coil?

Is it possible that you are over heating your amp or that the impedence is too low.

My car's cd deck has an auxilary input (the headphone-jack lookin thingy). how do i hook up my ipod to this?

Sounds like your amp went to electronics' heaven, my friend!

Anyone know a good source online to buy good subs cheap?

You did say you wired the sub to your house radio and it still played, try using another speaker on your amp! At least you didn't say do tried this already. This really would be the way to tell if it's gone. Try this and update for us.
Next time include more info. like the other gentleman stated. That way someone might have had similar issues with the same equipment and could help you better.

Well i have a 95 cavalier and i put subs and an amp in it.?

Good Luck!
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