Best sound system for my chevy truck?

ok hers the deal i own a 1994 chevy 1500 extended cab pickup i currently have put in a pioneer cd unit were the stock tape player and equalizer was and have replaced the stock speakers with 4 by 6's in the front dash and upgraded the rear cab speakers to 6 1/2's now my question is what is the best way to put some bass with it i have found a box that fits under the rear seat that can have 2-12"s put in it and will be downfiring as well as a box that can either fit two 8's or two 10's firing outward. what is the best way or a better way and what subwoofers should i put in it and what amp should i use? thanks a lot for your help


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You won't get a correct answer as we don't know the dimensions or type of box you have. We also don't know what type of music you listen to as well.

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The biggest problem you face is finding the right subs to go into that box as all subs have specific requirements of enclosure space for optimal performance.

Bass Blockers?

the best thing to do is get a 2 JL Audio 10W7 Subwoofers on a jl 500/1 amp and u willl hit hard like wild monkeys

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look and see if they have an mtx thunderform for your truck. theyre custom fit for your car and pre-loaded with mtx subs which is a very good brand

What else do I need to get to install my amp and sub in my car?

Ok first get a probox and get Alpine Type R 10" subs 500 watts Rms each. Match it with a Kenwood 9102D mono amp 850 watts Rms. Go to You will save a lot of money there than going to a local car audio shop. I've usually recieved shipments within 3-5 days. All together it will cost you about $600 dollars. I only suggest this cuz I have a 2001 extended pickup but my box is now a console box with one 10" all Alpine. P.S. you can get the probox at And get the 10's with dual 2 ohm voice coils.
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