2 12 inch alpine subs why do they sound so bad?

i have 2 alpine type r subs running of a mono block m1005 alpine amp in a non ported box also running a 1 farad capacitor. i have heard single 12 inch subs that sound alot better and no matter how much i play with the setting to me it just does not sound good enough it seems to waffle a bit and is not producing the bass that it should for the product a have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to this stuff but this is starting to stress me out n e help would be great :P


Block your driver license!!?

Do you have the right enclosure for those subs meaning is it tuned properly.

What kind of subs do you have?

You may need a sub-sonic filter to keep the drivers from becoming unbaffled or unloaded at low frequencies. Driver excusrion may not be well controlled at very low frequencies and may well be bottoming out.

Car audio video?

If the gain is set wrong this will compound the problem.

IS350 alpine cd player?

The purpose of the gain is to match the signal volts RMS from the head unit (or source) to the amplifier input, nothing else.

How many watts do my jl audio 15w4d4 subs have and what ohms is it?

Here is a guide to help you set the gain correctly:

How do i bypass the parking brake so i can watch a video on the xdvd710 while driving what is the bypass code?

You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter (AC volt meter) and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

Sound systems?

If you don't have Excel let me know and I'll send you a condensed version. sparky3489@yahoo.com

How do you hook up a car amp?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...

What will be a perfect amp?

First, of all, speakers need to be matched to the impedance of the amplifier.
Second, Sub woofers need a cross-over or a low band pass filter to block signals above its reproducible frequency response, these higher frequencies distort the signal and muddy and rattle the bass!
There's more to good audio then just throwing it together, the equipment needs to be configured to optimize performance for each component according to electrical properties!

What was that loud boom ?

have you checked to see if there in phase? i've hooked subs up out of phase before, and was like, wtf? but i could see the problem. it might be that simple, just one of those things you overlooked.

How can I fix a cut subwoofer cone?

good luck

Two 15" Fi Q or BL?

the only think i can tell you from here is to pull one woofer out and switch the speaker terminals the other way + --
if they are correct just swith them and try it again
good luck

Questions about a 1996 mercury mystique?

This is something that hasn't been touched upon yet. What kind of car is it in? A friend of mine had a 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe back when I was in high school with a pair of 10's in it. He pulled the system out of another vehicle and installed in the T-Bird. It sounded fine in the other vehicle, but muffled in the T-Bird. The problem was the T-Bird has a metal plate between the back seat and trunk, it was muffling the subs. So if your car has a large metal plate running across the entire width of the trunk, that can cause problems.
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