How good would these speakers be?

i just put a pioneer cd deck in my car and the sound distorts when it is loud. i was goin to buy some better speakers for the rear buy this is just my high school car and i will prob get rid of it in a year or so. what would be the best speaker to get for the short time i have it that still gives it some bass and good sound.

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Best sound system for my car?

yeah,go ahead and replace them you should be able to get a set of pioneers for less than $100 and when you sell the car if your next car takes the same speakers take them out and put the facory ones back in it .it really isnt a lot of work to swap the speakers back out

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the best thing for you do to is stick with that car while your are still in high school. IN order for your speakers you sound pure, you need an amp and a subwoofer
the reason for this is becasue your deck is good and your speackers can't handle the pressure so when you get an amp and subwoofer it will pump louder and more pure. When you are ready to sell your car for another on just take out your system and put it in your new car, and if you plan on jammin your music for a long period of time i suggest you but a power cap.

Bmw speakers?

what kind of car do u have and what size speakers? that plays a big role in what to go with
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