Amplifier repairs?

does any one know how to repair amplifiers? is it as simple as opening it up and looking to see if any of the parts look damaged? what exactly goes out / brakes on an amplifer? i would like to repair one myself.


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A part can be blown and not physically show it.

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You may need some or all of the following to repair an amp:

Hi, DJ GD $ingh (specifically for you),?

advanced electronics knowledge
an oscilloscope
a VOM meter w/ transistor hfe meter
a capacitance meter
soldering iron
40/60 acid free solder
anti-static mat and wrist strap
various tools

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It can be but you'll need to know a few more things and purchase about 20,000 dollars worth of equipment to restore it to original capability. The capacitors go out ,transistors/IC 's fail,power supplies quit.Repairing an amplifier takes a bit of electronic knowledge. Take a look (just so you'll get an idea) but disconnect the power supply and watch out for capacitors as they may still have LETHAL charges on them even after removing power source.

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I don`t think repairing an amp is a do-it-yourself-er`s task!
You can try to repair an amp if you like but just don`t be too upset if it still don`t work when you think your done!
Fixing it can be done but you need to understand the circuitry
and separate components!
Just know that it is very involved!
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