Amp problem?

I have a XM-2025 car amp lying around, What is the watts on it cant seem to find any info on it? I tried to do a search but some people say its 20watt per channel others say its 25watts.
What i can tell you is that its 2channels and it is bridgeble.

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My problem also is that it works fine with 2 X 240watt 6x9's speakers 4ohm. can i bridge a subwoover onto it with the 2 6 x 9's?? 250 watts not sure about the ohm. if not what is an alternative? It keeps cutting out when i add the sub


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You're trying to do a tri-mode connection. Is a complicated a difficult to do. You will have to get some capacitors, some inductors (relays) in order to block high frequencies to your sub and to block low frequencies to your speakers. The best thing to do is to get another amp for the sub. Your sub keep cutting since its load is too big to handle and is overheating, that's why she turn off until the temperature is normal again. If you don't want it to fry get a second amp.

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Sony doesn't have any support information for that model on their web site. You can try calling them for information at 1-800-222-7669.

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What you're trying to do with the amp is called "tri-mode", and not all amplifiers are capable of this kind of wiring (especially with older amps). If you wire a 2-channel amp in tri-mode, so that it's connected to two speakers and a subwoofer at the same time, you should use a passive crossover on the subwoofer so that it doesn't play high frequencies.
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