My amp light does not come on what do i do?

Im gettin power to my amp but the light does not come on what does this mean?


Does a farad capacitor help with not taking so much power out of the car battery?

Replace the fuse

My cd player?

How do you know you're getting power? If you checked it with a meter or a testlight, than check your ground. Also check that the remote wire has 12V.

How to hook-up a pioneer deh-1900mp car cd player to a 97 pontiac grand prix?

i had that problem the other week first check the fuse if its not that take a tester and check the wire my problem was my wire to the battery the first part of the wire was fine i had juice the part after the fuse was dead

Is a sattelite radio antenna cable repairable?

You are getting power? How do you know? Does it still put out sound?
If it does still play, maybe the actual light bulb is blown, but that is uncommon.
Next time include vehicle info, amp model #, etc so we can consider all aspects, thanks

2 15" Kicker L7 vs.. 1 15" RE Audio XXX?

Good Luck!

I have a dual voicecoil 4 ohm subwoofer, how do I wire both voice coils?

First of all check you power wiring connections. make sure the ground wire is connected to the car chasis. Check the (+) wire for broken insulation, check the main power line fuse, check for the fuses in your amp. Try to get a voltimeter to make sure you have the 12 v at the inputs. Check the speaker connections if one of them is grounding or making contact with other power wire the amp will shut down to prevent damage until is corrected. If all of the above are ok then maybe your amp is fried.
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