Ampz n subz buyers guide?

ok i have no knowledge about car audioz...i wana buy a gud sound can u gud peepz explain to me wat to look for when buyin an amp.. like wat 2 ohm or 4 ohm means and wat it does and wat 1 or 2 or 4 channel means and ho much RMS wattz to buy.and da same things for subz.explain what these things mean...if u cant then plz put a site dat explains dese stuff! sweet brotha!!


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BarronOhBeef is totally off.

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Actually the higher the ohms the more impedence you have the better your system will be. The lower the ohms the less impedance you have the harder the amp must work which creates more heat, sounds worse and shortens the life of the amp.

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Be sure the amp you buy is CEA-2006 compliant.
Match watts RMS between subs and amp as well as the impedances.
The power handling (watts RMS) of subs get added together when wired together.
To figure impedances (ohms) in series, add them.
To figure impedances (ohms) in parallel, use this formula:

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Where Z = total impedance and sub# is each sub (or each coil in a multi-coils sub,

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Z = 1 / (1/sub1 + 1/sub2 + 1/sub3 + .) as many as you have

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See my site and the following link for the best info you can get:

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Good Luck!

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basically the lower the ohms the less impedence you have the better your system will be...when buying amps the channels is basically how many speakers you want hooked up..single channel or mono is for 1 subwoofer.....2 channel is for 2 woofers or you can run it as mono using the outside neg and pos. watts depends on your woofer and how hard you want it to hit. dont get a 2000watt rms amp if your woofer only holds 1000watts rms you will blow that b*tch up! woofers i like audiobahn and same with amps...decent sound loud as hell and cheap to boot. basically depends on bugget car and what you want the system to do?

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