What kind of Amp should i get for Kicker L5 in Box with Pair of Dub Speakers and 3 Farad Capacitor.?

I'm also looking for 6 1/2 Dub Audiobahn Speakers another pair if i were to get another pair of speakers would that mess up my sound with Dub Audiobahn Speakers that i have already, or no I was also thinking of just getting One 2400 Watt 2 Channel Amp 2 power not only my subs but also my speakers would that be more than enough. 2 power one L5 and 4 speakers or would i need more power. I also have a 3 Farad Capacitor. Looking for some answers and input. I know alot bout this stuff but would like to hear your opinions on this hook up.

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Looking through Ebay and Soundomain.com as well as Crutchfield. If anyone has any Dub Audiobahn Speakers 61/2 Pair and are selling hit me up at hermannsingh@yahoo.com. Am willing to buy from you.


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um.....i'd say the L5 needs maybe 500 watts or so. No offense but the dub speakers aren't that great so the 6 1/2's need maybe 50-100 watts a peice. I'd say a thousand watt amp would leave you plenty of extra power to play around with

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you need a 4ch amp! no 2ch amp for inside speakers.

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Simple, match the watts RMS between sub and amp with the calculated impedance. Same with the other speakers (with a seperate amp, of course). Just be sure to set your gains to RMS Volts of the HU to prevent clipping.

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The higher the impedance (4 ohms as apposed to 2 ohms) you can load the amp with, the less THD you'll produce. This is a good thing.

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Here are some tips, some you may already know:

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yeah why are you even messing around with the audiobahn speakers? how are you planing on wiring them are you going to wire the subs and the 6.5 on the same amp?

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I have 2 kicker L7's in a sealed box i was wondering what amp i should get. the one i have it way underrated for it. its a rockford fosgate 900 amp (mono)
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