they are selling me a JL W7 13" sub for $450 at one store and $480 at another. i thought JL's go for $900 or a little less?.. so whats the deal?.. the one that is charging me $450 are ppl i know that are "hooking it up" at a local stero shop. the other shop i dont know anyone there but still charged me $480, 30 dollars more! so are these two good prices for a 13" W7?


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That's a great price for a w7, assuming it is new in box and not a refurb.

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White Pimp - JL makes a 13w7. It is a 13.5" driver for designed for increased cone area over a standard 12" subwoofer.

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between 400 and 450 is average price for a w7 from a shop but u hook it up with the right amp it will slam

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umm. where are u getting a 13" sub? u mean a 8,10,12,15,18 or something higher? never knew a 13 ever once existed, :P

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my friend has two of these speakers and they beat soooooo hard! if you can get them for that price, you should with no hesitation. especially if they are going to hook the speakers up.he uses the memphis mojo with 2500 watts to power his.

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the only way they can be remotely getting it for you at that price is if they are a refurbished model!!! I'm a JL dealer and will tell you that the prices you mentioned above are BELOW cost. I have the dealer book right here in front of me. The 13w7 retails (from JL) for $1099.99 while cost is still more than your quoted price.... so, without a doubt Id get them if indeed they are that price. I will tell you this, if they are brand new, the company is LOSING money. JL isn't a company to usually throw out discounts on there gear unless its refurbished. I called my JL rep half way through my response and was told JL never had refurbs available on this woofer because of their warranty. When a w7 (any size) is blown it can never be an over the counter exchange it MUST be sent back for repair with a diagnostic performed to see why the woofer malfunctioned. If it is determined that the woofer was abused, not installed properly, or anything not directly related to manufacture defect that there would be a charge for the repair at that point in time, even if the woofer was only an hour old!! so beware of scams like this one... that 13w7 is a beast though!!
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