'97 Ford Escort front speaker(s) cut out in wet weather?

Sometimes the L front speaker, sometimes the R one, cuts out (or "whispers"), only after it's been raining. Slamming the door usually brings it back, but it usually happens again soon. This has never happened in dry weather. L speaker was replaced but it didn't solve the problem.
The last time this happened, I turned up the volume and the speaker cut back in, but I don't know if this fix is reproducable. Any ideas?


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Check for wiring connections it may be possible that one the wires is making contact with the water or metal and is grounding, causing it to cut out.

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often time rain can cause this problem. it's not always a lot of rain, sometimes it's just moisture in the air that can redirect the flow of electricity. I would suggest looking for any small cracks where moisture could get in. Make sure your speakers are in a dry spot. Sometimes if the speakers that are in back between the window and trunk can get wet if you don't have a good seal around the window or in the trunk. You say when you turn up volume it sometimes kicks back in, turning up volume= more power to the speaker and sometimes it's enough to get past the water. Turning up the volume might work sometimes but this problem will last until you solve it so I suggest just going through and checking all parts, including the wire for example some wire runs through door panels and water can slip through the window in between the door and the inside handle so it is there and you don't know it and it could be touching exposed wires. Check all window seals, if thats not it check your head unit.

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This most likely means that there is a short in the electrical system leading to the speaker. When it is rainy or humid, the atmosphere can act as a conductor and "steal" the flow of electrons from wire that is faulty or exposed. Check the connections to the speakers to see if they are loose, then if to no avail, check and/or replace the wiring to the head unit.
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