15" Hifonics Goliath sub (1600w rms) w/ a Hifonics Zues mono amp 1600w rms...upgrade batt/alternator?

Ok so here is the deal I am going to upgrade to a 1600w rms Hifonics Goliath 15" sub with a 1600w rms Hifonics Zues mono amp. I am also putting in a Hifonics Jupiter 4 channel amp (600w rms). Do I need to upgrade my alternator/ battery? I have been told to upgrade my battery before but I dont knwo where to find these types of batterys.. any one.. a lil help!!


Amp question for cars?

the battery is only to power your electronics while the engine is off (and to start the car).
If your alternator can handle the load, then no need to do either. If it can't keep up, then upgrade it. You might want to get a 1.0 Farad cap for the amp running the sub.
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