15's in an escort?

i have a 1998 ford escort LX, i was wondering if there was any custom box that could fit 15's in there or if 15's can already fit


Wiring led's in a truck 12-14V?

well, first what would the purpose be? in that car you could easily do two 12'' woofers in a vented enclosure and get way more performance. if you look at the physics behind a sub woofer you would see that larger woofers produce there maximum performance (or spl) at larger distances, most 15'' woofers maximum performance would be outside of your cars total length, while its reflective surfaces (IE. glass, windshield, dash, etc.) would only cause the sound to reflect back upon itself and possibly running the risk of sound cancellation, two 12's on the other hand will give its maximum performance right around dash level which is where you want it

How does two 10" subs sound different from one 12" sub in my car?

You would need to make a "custom" box to fit the 15" sub. One should fit easily, 2 can pull it off with very little or no trucnk space left. If you use your spare tire well, you could design a fiberglass box to use up that space too.

Can you run two seperate cb radio antennas next to each other?

http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/v3... there falt subs
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