2002 jeep grand cherokee laredo radio?

what format does the gcl 2002 radio play in cd's? none of the cd's I burn will play.


I need to have a detailed diagram on how to reconnect my factory plug for the radio for a 2004 alero?

ill bet you are burning on cd-rw's and u say they will not play. if it is the stock head unit then try cd-r's. if they wont play, then you will have to buy a new aftermarket headunit. otherwise if it is a aftermarket stereo, then either u got a very low-end model or there is something wrong with it.

FM Modulators can anyone give some suggestions?

also, if u have a cassette slot, then go to wallyworld and pick up a cassette-to-aux converter. its like $10.00 USD and its a cassette u plug in and it has a sux cord that u plug into either a cd player of your own, or an mp3 player of any kind.

I have 2100 watts with my amp and my cap. combined, and I'm looking for the right amp installation kit, help!!

Try burning the cd's at a slower speed and high bit rate. Factory radios are very sensitive to the cd's it plays. But I know they can play burned cd's, I've had many customers who have burned cd's and factory radios, in those Jeeps.
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