Audio question?

can someone explain an octive to me when it comes to audio? does it really double the hz you hear and can we really only hear down to 20 hz and will my 2 alpine type r subs get that low


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An octave is doubling the freq. or halve it. The human range for frequencies is about from 20 Hz to KHz, some people more or less. Your amp is capable of playing all that frequencies but you won't hear any of them unless you have super powers. Elephants produce very low frequencies which we are unable to hear, but the sound wave is still there.

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an octave is a doubling or halving of a frequency. So, for example, going from 20hz to 40hz will be one octave.

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Most people can only hear from about 25hz to about 18,000hz. The range is wider when we're young and deteriorates with age or prolonged exposure to certain frequencies.

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Your alpines will play that low. Heck, they will be able to play down to 1hz. However, you won't be able to hear them - although if your box is tuned low enough you may be able to feel a 20hz sine wave.
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