Amp question?

i need a cheap amp with around 1000 rms and i kand of want it to be fairly new and i dont want to get jipped any advise besides ebay


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thats about the cheapest ull find that isnt a complete pos. sony is pretty low end but at least its not a complete noname that will blow in 5min. its 900rms @ 2ohm, just under the 1000 u wanted but will still hit hard.

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guitar center

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You are NOT finding an amp with 1000rms for cheap, damn

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I don't think you'll be able to get a cheap amp for 1000 RMS. It's like asking for a cheap Ferrari. Your best bet would to spend the money or aim for something with lower RMS. 400 RMS is pretty loud, not competition but loud enough for listening. If you want to go into competition, you're going to want good quality components anyway. What's your price range? Maybe that'll help other anwerers

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Good Luck

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ebay isn't bad as long as you buy from a seller with good reputation.

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For budget amps, Look into Hifonics, Profile, Crunch, Viper (these are older amps but are great refurbs if you can find them), Kenwood, and Power Acoustik.

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Most of these companies amplifier's are a bit overrated and will not put out their rated RMS, but will be close enough. They are all fairly reliable brands as well.

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Throw in Planet Audio into the mix there.

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Go With Lanzar Amps...OptiDrive
or Pyramid
Boss Amps will do just fine

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sss18734 Yes hifonics and not overpriced. Although I have to say now they have a standard amp power rating. So just look for the CEA rating. Or you could find a friend that works at some electronics store and buy one through discount. Markup is ridiculous at best buy. I never go there.

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No offense to the peoples previous answers, but they must have crap audio. 1000 rms amps can be gotten for extrememly cheap, unless you work at McDonalds and have tons of bills at that. Your best bet would be to go to somewhere like and find the cheapest company. Go to their page and copy the URL. Then go to's store cause they pricematch and are an extremely reputable online store. They rank almost as high as Crutchfield. Cardomain has a 105% price match. I got some $1000 subs for about $480 each doing this. Saves big money. If you drop more than $200 at car domain, you also get free shipping.

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Your friends are the best place to get used high-quality gear.
I know you have friends with 'leftover' amps, right? Talk to them.

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Good Luck!

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go to they have pretty good prices and a wide variety of amps.

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same your money and buy a decent ,name bran amplifier
like a 300w rms x2 or 200watts rms x2 it will be better tha buying a 1,000 w kinwoood or kenford

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One way to not get ripped off is to but an amp that's CEA-2006 compliant.

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dude 1000watts rms for cheap... what you are going to get is a non cea certified amp, which means the wattage spec means nothing. literially there are no laws protecting the consumer, thats why cea-2006 was created. instead of looking at the "watts" look at the fuse ratings. if a so called 1000wat amp has a single 25 amp fuse guess what its crap, on the other hand a amp such as alpine may be rated at 400rms yet have 2 - 30 amp fuses. that is going to give you more volume regardless what the box says. if you want cheap and load with good sound look at a profile amp. also when shoping get teh right load, it can double your power if you get the right setup.
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