Am i running to many amps?

well ive always had an infinity 4 channel amp that ran all my highs and mids...but i just got 2 12' kicker l7s in a super bass pro box, and a kicker 1200.1 to run them. I also got a rockford fosgate distribution block and ground splitter, and im using 4 gauge wire on all of this, but the fuse keeps blowing in the distribution block, its only like 30 amps or something and then my 12v inline fuse is 100 and i thought that was enough to support both amps fine, but ive gone threw 2 of these fuses on my distrubution block now, and im starting to wonder how amps work and if i just have to many runnning threw it... i really need some advice on the situation.


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if you have a 100 amp up front you can have a total of upto 100 in the distrubution, many times they are set up for 3 30's but if there are only 2 amps try a couple 40's of if one is blowing and the other isn't up just that one. as long as the distrubution block adds up to less than 100 your all good. but i wouldn't go higher than 50 on a 8 ga, if thats what your running from the dist to the amp. i definately would not up the 100 fuse, if thats blowing, time for a 0/1 ga. setup, or just turn it down man.

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Your amp has a 100 fuse and your power block only has a 30?
Try a larger fuse at the block.

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Check the fuse in the amp. I am guessing it is a 40amp or a pair of 20 amps. In that case you need a bigger 40 amp fuse in the block. But don't just stick one in. the wire out of the block needs to be bigger. If the block can with 30amp fuses the wires coming out are not big enough. The bigger wire will not fit in the this block. I got to get another one.
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