Amp to power 2, 12" idmax. good overall sq and spl?

i would not like to spend over 350. i would like to hook my speakers up also. or should i just get another amp so theres not so much strain on the amp? thanks


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You'll have to get two amps regardless as you don't want high frequencies getting to the subs.

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SQ and SPL will derive from the subs and enclosure you have them in, not the amp.

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It difficult to suggest an amp as we don't know how you have them wired or the specs. Find an amp that matches the watts RMS of the subs with the correct impedances.

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$350 for amps for 2 subs and 4 door speakers? If you've got friends with something lying around you might be in luck. Otherwise, that's just not enough moolah. You could get a mono amp that pushes about 500wrms @2Ohms, but that's still going to be hard. Amps go for about $1 per watt rms so you're better off finding a used one from a friend and powering your door speakers with your radio. Amps are the most expensive part of a car audio system and to find a good one takes time, unless you're rich (b*stards).
But yea, ideally you want an amp that puts out the rms rating of your speaker in the speakers' impedance (Ohm rating). More or less is okay, just set your gains correctly either way.

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Good Luck!
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