Alright heres another kicker L7(two 12"-750rms)question what amp is recomended?

i been lookin and reading up on similar questions and i still dont know what amp to buy i was lookin at hifonics brutus(2000watt x 1rms @1ohm) but i dont know if itll burn out. but it dont have to be that amp. also whats safer should i go for 1 or 4 ohm wiring in order to make this system last.


1988 honda accord, i need the radio wires color chart for the radio?

kicker zx1500.1 amp =D

Where can I buy the Ipod adapter for a 2005 Peugeot 206?

Whichever you choose but remember that when you put more power to the woofer like from 4 ohms to 1ohm then you get distortion and lose your sound quality.

Does antone know how to repair the LCD on my car radio which does not shine but radio works fine?

See my site for info
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