Amplifier is gettin hot?

my amp is getting hot and my subwoofer stops working i mounted my amp sideways could that be tphe problem


I have two solo l7 15 dual 2 ohm subs if I buy a memphis mc2000d will this work ??

That amp probably cannot handle the load from the way you have it wired. If we knew what amp and model we could tell you a little more.

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You need to have air circulating around the output stages of the amp.

What is better to run (amp question)?

make sure air is circulating around the amp...also, check the gauge of your wires, if you have a powerful amp, i suggest going with larger gauge, better quality makes a huge difference

How do you install some 12' subwoofers in my car?

also it may depend on how your system is if you have it running at 1ohms and its only capable of 2 ohms etc

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No amplifier is 100% efficient. Any energy that isn't used for power gets converted into heat. Most amplifiers have sensors that prevent the amplifier from getting too hot, which could damage the circuit boards - this is why your subs stop working. Let the amplifier cool before using it again if it goes into protect mode.

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If you want to help keep the amplifier cool, try these steps.
1) First, make sure it is mounted in a shaded area with plenty of ventilation. The heatsinks are also most efficient when the amp is mounted horizontally.
2) Don't turn the stereo up as much, or consider raising the impedance load on the amplifier. This will cause it to produce less energy, and less heat.
3) Get a more efficient amplifier. If you have a class A/B subwoofer amplifier, consider switching to class D - they are much more efficient.
4) If your current amplifier is a hunk of junk, get a better one.
5) Build an amplifier rack with a tunnel of fans going through the heatsink.
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