Are pioneer faceplates interchangable?

i currently have a pioneer deh-p7300 the lcd screen on it has burned out what i was wondering is there any other face plates that would fit on there besides the deh-p7300?


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Well, my husband and I both have pioneer cd players so I just went outside to see if they were interchangable. Yes and No. They will fit, and if you had the radio on when you took the old faceplate off it will be on when you put the other faceplate on, and you can change stations (you can't make heads or tails out of the lines on the screen to tell you what station you are at), but you cannot turn the radio off or on with the other faceplate, and the other adjustments are guessing games at best, and may not even work. (I would have to go out to double check, but I think the volume did work - although that's about it.)

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So, if you want to keep the radio on at all times, and not know what station you are on except by listening, another faceplate will work. Otherwise, if you want to have full access to the controls (on / off buttons, etc.) you will have to go with the correct one.

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P.S. I don't know what models my husband and I have, so it's possible that it is not accross the board with the faceplates even fitting into another cd player.

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No, I know those things are rather expensive, i might try junkyards and see what i could find before buying a new radio or faceplate.
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