Anyone got any leads on a cheap dd?

2k max if possible


How do u tune boxes for test tones like 30Hz and would u need a oscilloscope?

a what?

Will these subs work with my amp.?

Can you be a bit more descriptive? the fellow below seems to think you are looking for digital designs subwoofers, but you say 2k max, so that throws that out of the window.

Do I need to amp My Kenwood KFC -x170 6.5 speakers? I have a Pioneer DEH-P6800MP head unit.?

Care to expound?

Are audio pipe speakers any good?

calling direct and tell them you compete i got good deals on 15 and 12

What brand for 5x7 speakers will be good to buy?

We need to know what you're talking about if you want answers.
I guess you mean a 2000watt max amp. Still unsure about dd, though...
Look for an amp that puts out the rms rating of your sub in that specific Ohm rating. If you have a 4Ohm, 500wrms sub, get an amp that puts out 500wrms @ 4Ohms.
Also, get an amp that is CEA-compliant, this way it's been tested to ensure it puts out what it claims.
'Peak' or 'max' doesn't mean anything. They are just #'s that get your attention. Go by rms.

From Cassette to CD - works for one second?

Good Luck!
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