What amp should i get for this speaker??

MTX Thunder 9500 T9512-44 12'' speaker, TWO OF THESE!!


How Can i find my speaker wires in my 97 mercury tracer?

Dual 4 ohm voice coils times 2 and can handle 1000wRms looking at the specs. There are two ways you can wire those(well more than that, but 2 that will work best). If you wire all 4 in parallel you will end up with a 1 ohm load so you'll want an amp that can do 2000wRms X 1 channel@1ohm. The other way is wire the coils in parallel on each driver, then wire the drivers in series which will give you a 4 ohm load, so you'd want 2000wRms X 1 channel@4ohms You could also do a two channel amp, then you'd want to wire the coils on each driver in parallel which would make each driver a 2ohm load, so you'd want an amp that will do 1000wRms X 2 channels@2ohms.

Where can I buy 8 gauge + power cable for a good price?

With an amp that mean you'll also want to look into upgrading your electrical system, bare minimum replacing "the big three" which is ground to battery, battery to alternator, and engine to ground. I would also suggest looking into a meatier battery and possibly upgrading your alternator.

Wiring car in dash dvd, not sure how to do it, display keeps blinking when lights turned on and dvds wont play

I poked around ebay and here's a few that look promising:

Need ford stereo code asap can any1 help plz?

This amp will do 1100watt x 2 channels @ 2ohms per channel $655 you'll also need to pick up a 300amp external fuse block, although if you are running is 2 channel with those subs a 200-250 should work fine http://cgi.ebay.com/hifonics-xx-colossus...

I have a Alpine CDA-9856 Head unit and a KENWOOD KAC-8152 1100w MONO CAR AUDIO AMPLIFIER?

This will do 2000X1@1ohm $599 comes with 200amp fuse, max fuse is 250amp http://cgi.ebay.com/rockford-fosgate-t20...

Paper coned subwoofer?

This will do 3000x1@1ohm $595 you'll need to pick up an external 300amp fuse http://cgi.ebay.com/hifonics-xx-thor-ult...

Help installing car radio?

3500x1@1ohm $499 you'll need a 300a external fuse for this too http://cgi.ebay.com/new-soundstream-pca3...

I have 2 MX Autotek subs putting in my sons box but these subs have 2 sets of connects on each sub??

Here's an audiobahn that claims 2000w@1ohm for $358 but based on only 3 40 amps fuses it's more like 1500w(also because it is called the HCT1500, that leans more towards 1500w also, but that will still pound the crap out of those subs if you're on a budget. http://cgi.ebay.com/audiobahn-a1500hct-h...

What kind of amp should i buy for my two 12" Kenwood KFC-W3011 subs?

If it were my pick, and I owned those subs I would say the soundstream or fostage amp, I'm not really a fan of Hifonics, but they definitely can pound a sub.

My car Amp makes my CD's skip?

For the ones over 2000watts, if you hear the slightest distortion make sure to turn it down, those are capable of blowing your subs to hell and back.

Help troubleshooting my Directed Audio A802 amp!?

Get MTX Thunder 9500 T9512-44 12"

How do you set gain on an amp?

Anything that is 2 channel with at least the same if not more RMS power than your 2 subs combined, this will provide the best sound quality. Doesnt have to be MTX, which by the way isnt the greatest amplifier company. (Concept, Cerwin vega, alpine, TRU, earthquake, MB quart, Diamond are all great choices)

How can i make my car sound loud?

The best match you'll find for those speakers in an MTX amp will be this one: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.
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