What is the difference between an amp and a subwoofer?

im looking to upgrade my car stereo and get some new speakers. if it helps i have a pontic grand am 05. i dont know where to start. i dont want something really powerful, but give it a boost from where it is now. thanks much.


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an amp boosts the strength of the signal from the reciever, a subwoofer makes powerful bass.

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your standard speakers can be replaced by much higher quality speakers of the same size. you may also need to replace the radio itself, since it might not have enough power to make use of the new speakers, but thats something you determine after installing the speakers and trying them out. If you want to go with speakers that are larger than the original, you will need to modify the area surrounding the speaker to make it fit, that will require quite a bit of work.
In order to increase the bass, you would want to have a subwoofer installed. this requires running some new wires, and picking out a good amp and sub, and a sub box, so get some help. Also, dont get a subwoofer without upgrading the speakers, because the subwoofer will be making more bass than the speakers are making music, which means that youll hear alot of rattling and thumping.

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The amp powers the subwoofer. It tells it when to work. So really you need both.

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the amplifer takes a signal from the radio and amplifies it so that it is powerful enough to move a subwoofer.

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for most applications a aftermarket radio(head unit) with brand name speakers in the doors. Alpine, Blaupunkt, Kenwood, will be enough for most music.

putting in a subwoofer requires running power to the amplifer from the battery and running signal cable from the radio to the amplifier.

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An amp amplifies all frequencies from Bass to treble. A subwoofer only boosts the bass. You MUST have an amp. You may opt to add a s/w.

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Think of the root words. Amp does mean amplifier, or increasing signal strength. This means ore volume. Sub Woofer, means th sub, or lower frequencies. Woofer, or, low barking sound. Lower frequency amplification, or the drums and sub frequencies. Bass and other sounds are lower frequency, and the ones people want from certain musical pieces. Just look at the root words for anything.

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if you just wanna boost your system abit why not cap your stock speakers for mid and high`s and get alittle bass tube for that little rumble!

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An amplifier sends signals to your subwoofer which in turn your subwoofer makes Bass. You have to have an amp if you have a subwoofer. They coordinate with eachother.
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