'97 saturn SL2 stereo wiring?

My cars stereo was stolen before i bought the car and i need help figuring out which color wire goes to the front right etc. The stereo i bought to put in my car has all of its wires labeled, whether its negitive or positive and which speaker it goes too, but none of it colors matches the ones left in my car from the factory stereo. Is there a website that has the wiring diagram, or does anyone know which color goes to what?


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Go to a car audio shop and purchase a wiring harness, it comes with a wiring diagram and it just plugs right into your car's factory harness. These don't usually cost more than $10.00 and you can get them any place that sells car audio, wal-mart, best buy. ect

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If the factory plug is still present, purchase an adapting wire harness like this one: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_1520...

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If all you have left is wire ends, then here's the color code. Beware; some colors are used more than once, so you need to use a multimeter to test wire functions before you hook them up. Also be aware that you may need to replace blown fuses in the vehicle fuse box before it will work.

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Constant power: orange
Switched power: yellow
Ground: black or black/white
Illumination: brown or brown/white
Dimmer: gray or gray/white
Left front + : tan
Left front - : gray
Right front + : light green
Right front - : dark green
Left rear + : brown
Left rear - : yellow
Right rear + : dark blue
Right rear - : light blue

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all saturn have the same color wires follow this link

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