Best way to control bass level of subwoofer.?

I have a sub and an amp i want to be able to control the level of bass or the volumn of the sub. my amp doesnt have a jack (like a telephone jack) for on those those remote knobs. Do you think my best bet would be to get a knob that connect through the rca cables from the back of the radio to the amp?


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If your amp doesn't already have one you will need a low pass filter which will seperate the treble and midrange from the bass going to your sub from your amp otherwise you could damage the sub.

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simple..turn it down.

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If it isn't designed with a remote gain control, you can remove the gain control from the circut board with a soldering iron, and extrnd it with wires to anywhere in the car you want.

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Alternatively you may be able to get an RCA cable with a gain control built in, or or that plugs into RCA cables, but I can't say for sure if this is on the market.

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The very best way would be to get a head unit with a pre-amp output designed for subwoofers; such head units usually have a built-in volume control for the subs. You can also find equalizers with subwoofer level controls. I haven't seen an in-line volume control with RCA inputs and outputs; but if you could find one, it would probably work.

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Well, to get good sound from door speakers', ideally you need no bass going to them. What you do is: 1.)turn the bass on your stereo all the way down (this will make your door speakers sound better 2.) turn the gains on your amp all the way down 3.) turn the volume on yout radio as high as you'll ever use it 4.) SLOWLY turn the gain(s) on your amp up until you hear distortion, then back it down a little
Your gain(s) are now set. You have full bass at high volumes (at which your door speakers can handle now cause bass is cut) and at low volumes all you need to do is turn the bass on your radio up until the bass is as loud as it will go.

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You now eliminated the 'need' for a bass knob.


Good Luck!
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