2 Amplifier Set Up?

First Some Background

Where can I find JL audi parts to fix my amp? in Stockton or near?

I have a single amp set up with 2 12's. It is drastically underpowered. The amp is much better suited for the rear speakers

Car stereo has power but no sound?

So, I am going to put that amp onto my 6x9's. But then I will need a new amp for my subs. So, I have heard from some people that It is ok to buy an off brand amp for subs but not for small speakers. I have a rockford goign to my 6x9's, is this at all true. Is it harder to hear poor sound on subs? Have i been bs'd. I don't want to spend hundreds on a new amp but I don't want to have a crappy system. Help

Does anybody have the wiring instructions for a DEI-451m..doorlock module?

Two 1ohm subs into mono amp?

The subs are 4 ohm, 300 rms, and 900 max (any suggestions would be tight)


Will it sound okay if i have this setup in my truck...?

I've put different brand amps in the same system with different brand speakers and have everything work fine.

Questions on what subs would work with amp, RMS,ohms, and channels?

I would just look for a 2 Channel amp tha puts out around 200-300 watts rms.
I had a Kenwood 600 watt (max) 2 Channel running 2 12" subs with no problem.

Range rover hse limited 1998 (R) any idea what make is the CD changer i think the sound system is a karne dean

Most any amp that's CEA-2006 compliant is a good amp despite brand.

How many watts must a subwoofer have to shake your neighborhood?

First of all the 6X9's need to be able to handle the watts RMS of the old amp and the amp should have the LPF turned off.

What do you think about the kicker 15inch L7?

Second, to get the best performance form those subs find either a 300 watt RMS X 2 @ 4 ohm amp and run each sub to each channel...

Best vehicle subwoofers / amp for metal?


How loud??

get a mono amp that's 600 watts RMS @ 2 ohm.

Woody. i have another question. sound system.?

Also don't forget to set the gains right.

How can i find the RMS rating on a AMP like this one? that doesnt say how much RMS its putting out?

The purpose of the gain is to match the signal volts RMS from the head unit (or source) to the amplifier input, nothing else.

Ipod in car with 6cd changer without using fm transmitter?

Here is a guide to help you set the gain correctly:

How should i push my AW1508T?

You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter (AC volt meter) and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

Need a wiring color chart for a 1994 CAMRY?

If you don't have Excel let me know and I'll send you a condensed version. sparky3489@yahoo.com

When someone sells something on Ebay?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...
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