Do people make a satellite radio that require little wires and can be played through the stereo in your car?

I want to get my boyfriend one for Christmas but he doesen't want to deal with all of the wires. I know there will have to be at least 1 wire to play it through the stereo. He has a XM now but it has about 4 wires that get all tangled and he has 4 vehicles so he would like to have 1 satallite radio to take with him.


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Check through all the radios that XM currently sells:
They have 4 portable models (5 counting the pink one :) ) This may be more of what he is looking for. If you get the XM installed professionally the installers do their best to hide the mess of wires to keep them out of sight.

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The portable models have an internal battery(or can be powered via the cigarette lighter), you will still have the audio output wire going from the XM unit to the car stereo (no way around this w/o using FM modulation which is usually undesirable).

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Many of these portable units double as a MP3 player so thats a nice feature, however if he wants to listen to live XM in the car he will need an antenna hooked up (we are up to three wires now if you are counting).

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Potentially if he was listening to recorded XM (from earlier) or listening to MP3s all he would need would be the audio signal cable from the XM unit to the deck.


Good luck, I think these are the closest to what you are looking for, hope it helps :)

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