Airbag Light on after an aftermarket radio was installed?

Alright a guy had someone install an aftermarket radio in his truck then asked me too look at it after the air bag light was coming on and cause the sound was poor... Well the genius he had install it didn't hook up either positive wire on the rear speakers for some reason so I solved that problem quickly. But I can not figure out what would cause the airbag light to come on after haveing an aftermarket radio installed.. The only thing I could see that may be the problem is the factory ford harness has 2 plug in connectors but only one will plug into the harness for the radio.. Do the fords have a similar setup like the chevy's do that the radio controls certain vehicle functions? Please shed some light onto this subject cause it can not be good having the airbag light on like this.


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The dealer has to reset airbag code. It is not a do it yourselfer.

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Often the dash panel that has to be removed for the stereo installation has a "passenger airbag" switch or indicator light built into it. If the light or switch was left unplugged, it will cause the airbag warning light to stay on. Also, if the ignition was turned on while the switch or light was unplugged, it may have tripped the airbag warning light even if it was plugged back in afterwards.

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If you're working with a 97-03 F150, then there's usually an airbag switch module attached to the right side of the dash panel. It's not made to be unplugged, so it's possible that it got damaged or pulled loose during the installation.

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A dealer should be able to identify the airbag trouble code, and reset it if needed.

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This car needs to be taken in to a mechanic now. Never attempt to fix anything on the airbag yourself. This is dangerous. Your 'friend' probably touched one of the airbag wires by mistake. These are clearly marked with yellow. I'm a little leery about installing aftermarket radios for this reason alone. There's a lto ot be said about buying an adapter and leaving all of the wiring alone. This is going to be an expensive lesson if you're not careful.

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It's possible that the guy who installed the radio accidentally unplugged an airbag harness. Look under the dash and find any yellow haresses and make sure that they are plugged in. Also check the seatbelt wiring harness on each seat. If one of those has come unplugged it's possible that the airbag light will come on.

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Without knowing what kind of vehicle you have, its hard to determine if the light can be reset, with or without the dealer. Some vehicles can be reset and some require a scanner to do that. Replacing a radio should not trigger the airbag light, unless the ignition was turned on when the airbag was disconnected. If so, you will need to get the system reset. Otherwise, the wires to the airbag may have been compromised (cut into) during the installation. That's NOT GOOD. When the light is on, it means the system is de-activated and will not deploy in an accident.
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It's usually the simple things we leave unnoticed. When we do this we assume the worst.
If one of your airbag plugs was left unplgged, which probably is the case, then contact your local Ford dealership to find how to go about plugging it in. *Most of the time certain procedures are needed to go about re-connecting these.
There should be no reason that your airbag light is on except something is not connected or something is very wrong.
Go about this the right way as safety is #1.

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Good Luck!
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