Best alternator upgrade for scion tc?

i'm going to have a memphis audio mojo amplifier and 2 12'' mojo subs installed in my tC in a few weeks. in the memphis catalog it says that its manditory to upgrade your alternator and battery. what would be the best choice for the new alternator and where can i purchase this? would a custom car audio shop install this when they install the amp and woofers? thanks for the help!


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If your total system power is more than 1000 watts RMS
you will need to:

Why does my Panasonic cd player skip whenever my subwoofers produce hard bass?

1. Upgrade the alternator to a high output alternator
2. Upgrade to a heavy duty deep cycle battery
3. Upgrade the "Big 3" - that is to replace the power
wire between the battery and alternator and the ground

How do i know if my speakers are blown as oppose to my amp?

Failure to do this will result in you replacing them
anyway as the alternator will eventually fail.

Alpine CDA 9857?

Here is a guide that will help determine power wire
size, correct gain settings and whether or not you
need an alternator upgrade:

Can I put my woofer for my computer in my car?

You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter (AC volt
meter) and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

Do you all notice a difference between 2 ohm and 4 ohm sound?

If you don't have Excel, let me know and I'll send you
the required info in an E-mail.

Does anyone know of a car audio site with excursion or something like that in the name?

See my site for more info

Need Opinions on car amps.?

call napa or pep boys and say u need hi output alternator for your car, they can sell u a new one, or you can go to a couple car shops, and ask where u can get your alternator rebuilt. much cheaper, they will make it a hi output

Question about using a portable cd/mp3 player in a car?

Best way to do this is to go to a machine shop and have them rebuilt your alternator to produce more power, this does not cost much. Then do the big three upgrade, 4 gauge power wire from your battery to your alternator and a 4 gauge wire from your battery neg post to your alternator and then to your engine block. This will greatly improve your power flow.
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