2 12" kicker L7's w/ HIFONICS 1600watt rms amp what my db you think?

i got it all except for the amp in and it's on it's way but what i want to know is how many dB do you think i will be able to get out of this setup my box is 4.14cu. ft. ported and tuned to 40Hz. With two gauge power wire and a H.O. alternator with a 6 farad capacitor. and hmmm. what else it's in a little 97 nissan hardbody pickup and yes it is extended cab. um will it crack my windows, cuz if it does it sure would put a smile on my face do you think it will WHAT DB DO YOU THINK I"LL GET THO


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Guessing the sensitivity of the subs is 88dB and with 800 watts RMS going to each you will hit around 123 as I'm using my dB calculator program I wrote.

Amp fix???

you cant say for sure because there are alot of factors in output power where the box is clearances body structure and vibration elimination percent out of your vehicle what i can say is kicker has drasticly improved theyer subs in the past 5 years as long as your setup is matched to the subs youll be real happy.. i have to polk momos 12" sealed box 2 verge 250 watt mono amps and all the speaker setups and the other day i had a huge smile when my rearveiw mirror in my 2003 accord fell off to biggie smalls . just make sure you charge the cap correctly or it wont do a damn thing

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my guess is about 150db, with sloppy unaccurate bass.

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i gonna say 139 improve the amp to get a deeper bass line

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Anywhere from 80 - 160 db. That's as accurate as anyone can get, because there are far too many factors to estimate a decibel level.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a pioneer deh-p3700mp?

No, it will not crack your windows unless you already have a huge crack in one of them and play it at full blast on the resonant frequency of the glass. Then maybe.


those subs SUCK in a ported box, seal that sucker up and you'll easily get more than 140db. i base this upon my prior setup of two 10" L7's off of an 1100WRMS memphis which i got more than 135dB out of. and that was before distortion levels were reached and my SPL meter maxed out! if i could get that outta tens, you can beat that with twelves. ported boxes are sloppy yet loud, and at Fs they can seriously damage your speakers.
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