I have a 2 channel Percision Power A200 art series amp (200 watt) with one 12" sub in a triangular box- not the specific box for the sub. Should I get a single bandpass box for the sub, even though I can't find a bandpass for this exact sub? its a lower quality sub though- Optimus pro csw1200 200w rms and 400w max.


Am i gettin ripped off?

That will depend on the specifications of your sub, and your needs. Sealed enclosures are airtight boxes and work best for music with tight, accurate bass. Ported boxes use a vent, or port, to let air move in and out of the chamber. This gives you more output and a boomier bass response. A Bandpass box is a dual-chambered enclosure that provides the boomiest bass with very high efficiency. choose what's best for your sub.

Good setup?

Frankly, I'd try to get manufacturer recommendations for the speaker, regarding the optimum amount of cubic air it needs and go from there. Throwing a sub in just any old box can provide erradic performance, causing it to sound muddy or too tight for the lows.

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Additionally, bandpass enclosures attempt to regulate speaker frequencies, which your speaker may not work well with. A correct enclosure size along with a properly configured active crossover would probably work better for you.

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you get a box for the specs of the speakers not because the hole fits the woofer, is not going to work good

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it will be better to make a small seal box or a vented box

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I would never recommend buying a pre-fab bandpass box for ANY driver. If you really know what you're doing, a 4th order bandpass enclosure can sound great - but otherwise stick with ported or sealed for sake of simplicity and room for error.

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alright lets look at the 3 most popular enclosures and how they work compared to sound quality.

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1) sealed box. easiest to build, if built to spec offers the flattest sound across their spectrum (flat = good sound quality, no peaks or dips in certain frequencies)

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2) vented box. a little trickier to build but offers the most performance. a 3db gain at a specific tuned frequency (while also affecting the surrounding notes) while other notes are relatively flat. The perk is if you tune it properly (40 to 45 Hz. most common) it affects a broader spectrum of usable frequencies. is how a vented box works is the air moving from the vent (port) reinforces the air movement from the woofer (more air = more bass) the trick is to make is sound right, the internal air space of the port has to displace the same amount of air as the woofer cone. easy..
should be in the manual of the woofer

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3) bandpass, more difficult to build, horrible sound quality and also hides distortion. it limits the frequency response, typically eliminating the lower boomier notes and masking the higher punchier notes. reducing distortion sounds good though right? wrong, if you cant hear the distortion, you wont know when to turn it down so you don't damage your speakers... so have fun
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