Best 6x9 2 way speakers you have ever heard?

Do tell.


Wiring for my 93 Subaru Legacy?

jvc's all the way

Is ohms in amplifier very important?

i dont know about 2way but 3way was audiobahn as69q. the new model is the as69v im trying them in my girls car next week

Radio fuse for 2004 taurus?

rockford punch the best

How many ohms would this setup be?

I dont know the model but they were MB Quart!

Why does my car radio get AM just fine, but FM is all static?

The best for the money are the current Audiobahns, the componet sets can be had on ebay for $120-140. Why pay $300 at the retail shop. The audiobahn tweeters could be better i must admit but the 6X9 midwoofers andle lots of rms power and have high excursion cones and layered surrounds.
Very durable!!

How much power is each voice coil getting?

Audiobahn are not the best, but RF punch componets and JVC's are not very good at all.

What is wrong with my car antenna? It won't raise up, meaning I have no radio?

If I had unlimited funds I would go with MB quart

Rockford VS RE VS FI?

i'm not sure the model number but i used to have some pioneer 6x9's in my 85 corolla which i totally wrecked...(sigh) i know they were 400watts max. very clear but i'm sure they have newer ones now that sound better. try mb quart.

I cant turn on a power amp for the car ,,,remote??

Pioneer Rev series. by far the hardest hitting 6x9 i have ever heard. they go down to 22 hrz.

How do you remove the faceplate on a KOSS Car CD Player, Model # MS513?

Pioneer REV's are quite good - but don't expect to actually hear them at 22hz.

Which speaker system would be better for my car Bose or Infiniti?

Also look into MB Quart - they are a higher end company that makes some nice 6x9's. Most other high-end companies don't seem to offer 6x9's.

Subwoofer and amp help?

the best i have ever heard come from focal. they cost more but you get wayyyy more than you pay for!! their seperates are many levels above any other too.

What could be making my sub start violently rumbling at random?

alpine for sure, best subs are jl audio
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