Amplifier remote wire switch?

Could I put a switch onto my amp's remote cable so that when I take my grandma to the doctor we can listen to the radio without the subs on? Anyone ever do this? Thanks.


I will buy a used car ( Maruti 800 AC) is Mruti true value ok for me? Other then TV where can i get one ?

Yes I have mine this way, just cut the remote wire up near the dash and put the switch where you cut the wire.

What kinda amp do you use?

The only time you'd ground a switch is if it was lighted.

Itrips can hondas use itrips?

Yes ... radio shack or any auto parts store can help you.

Where to put Audio System in a Firebird Hatchback?

DO NOT! Hook the ground up on a switch this is a 10G or better wire and you do not want to hook a switch up to it .. also cutting the ground could cause the amp to go into protection ... only the remote turn on!

I have a Kenwood KAC-9102d and I want to know how to wire this in a?

yes. just make sure you hook up the ground on the switch or you will get engine noise

Where can I find the easiest 12v source for an LED interior neon kit?

Most amps have a plug in the side that looks like a phone jack. If your amp has one audiobahn make a "Bass Boost" controller that allows you to control how much power the amp is putting out.

If i remove my car stereo from my car that has a code will this damage it- or will i just need the code before

If youwant a stealth look you can wire the remote to your passenger window off switch in the drivers window arm rest. This is not a constant 12V so it will work. Then when u don't want to hear bass just flip the switch to off.

My cars electrical system is being burdoned by my sound system what should i do?

YES ! ! ! ! I have the same situation, except its with my dad. just get a switch and hook it up. !! It works out good.

I just got a 2000 vw passat dnst have a cd player,should i get a vw or a brand name one?any input on passats?

im was going to do it to

Help no radio?

ha ha ha. I have a sub mute in my head unit. No switch here baby.

Can you give me the best website links for the best subwoofers and bass speakers thank you such as car audio?

LOL My panisonic H.U has built in subwoofer gain contorols, I can set em at any volume or completely turn them off.

C.b radio advice?

This H.U also has built in crossover controls, and +/- mid and high gain controls

Rockford mono amp?

I always buy panisonic H.U' for the money
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