What kind of amp am I going to need to push a 12" 1200-watt Alpine sub? I dont need anything amazin, just good


How do I install an amp without removing the factory head unit?

Two to three hundred watts RMS will be more than enough, especially since your sub can only handle 400 watts RMS, and it can't handle that much for very long periods of time.

12" Kicker L7, with 1800 watt amp?

why not get an alpine amp to match!

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Any mono amp rated from 300-500 watts rms into 4 ohms would work fine. You can also bridge a 2 channel for that same total and you will be fine.

Is there wiring already for inplace for the rear subwoofer in a Suburban?

go and get a class D amp i would prefer directed.

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It depends on which Alpine subwoofer you have. Gernally speaking, an amp that puts out a couple hundred rms should be sufficient. However if you have a newer Type-R, don't be afraid to push it 1000w rms, it can handle it.
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