"amp problems" Ahhh!?

I recently built a box for four KICKER CVR 10" SUBS. I also purchased a 2400 watt ampto power them, but the amp kept cutting out. Now i have a 3000 watt amp and a capacitor and its still cutting off and on at a ceartain level. will someone please help me. i dont want to buy another amp but i want the speakers to work correctly, and if that means buying another then so be it.


How much would you say this system is worth?

It's all probably all due to you having too low of an impedance with 4 subs. An amp can only handle so little of ohms before it goes into protection.

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what kind of amp? and how are you wiring it?

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You may have not given your speakers enough airspace, that will cause them to draw more power from your amp, also if you know what ohms the speakers are, that makes a huge factor! I have a 1000 watt amp that can work 1 and 2 ohm, and my subs are the audiobahn flameQ 12's and they are dual voice coil, at 4 ohms each coil. so I had to bridge the voice coils together to make them 2 ohm speakers, then bridge the subs together to make them mono ohm. so it depends on if your amp can handle the ohms your subs require, and if you can find that out, find out quick because if the subs are not low enough ohm, or the amp is too low it can damage both your subs and your amp!!

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i am running four kicker comp 10 4 ohm subs wired to a kicker kx1200.1 at a 1 ohm load. depending on how many ohms your running your amp might not be able to handle it.

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what kind of amp is it

Which of these two amps would you guys recommend for my subs...?

what model CVR's are they

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your amplifier may be clipping due to an ohm load your amp cant handle
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