Best mid range speakers for my car?

i already have alpine splits and alpine subs but if i wanted the best of the best for midrange in my car what would you people suggest?


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if you want the best of the best rip all of your alpine out and put in Boston Acuostics, Diamond Audio, or MB Quart. then you wont need a mid bass driver.

Where is a good place to get a decent amplifier install kit?

good luck.

Need info about the type r subs?

i like a shitzamakaki

Is this good for a car system?

Since you already have Alpines and are comfortable with em . The best mids are the Alpine F1 mids. If you wanna go a little cheaper for the same thing, the Danish Co. Scan Speak makes the top of the line Alpines w/o the heavy markup. Try they are about $400 a pair but arguably the best damn midrange/midbass ever made.

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Just for mid range I personally use audiobahn mid woofers.

What speakers fit in my car?

The 6.5's handle 200 watts rms and the high excursion surround lets the cone travel further which in turn produces louder mid bass.

Is this a good sub and amp setup?

I had major problems finding the right mid bass speakers. Every set I got did not produce enough to be heard evenly with the subs and highs.

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I tried, kenwood, jvc, kicker, alpine, and audiobahn was the only set that would play loud enough to match my subs and tweets without distorting.

Car audio question. Need pros.?

If you can actually compare a audiobahn mid bass to other brands in person then you will see and hear the difference : )
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