Anyone have 2 12 in l7s hooked to a 1500 zx kicker amp??

i wanna knw how they sound hooked to that amp cuz thats the combo i wanna get. thanx


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It will sound pretty loud and get really low. I think you will be happy with that combo with the right enclosure

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Good luck

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There is no such thing as a 12" 17. You can get 2 12" speakers. You just asked about a 12 inch 17 inch speaker.

I have 2 x 10" subs what size amp do i need to run them. dont understand bridging ect?

there gonna be loud, but thats about it. expect no real sound quality out of these speakers. also i'd stay away from kicker amps. i bought 4 about 2 years ago. 2 just stopped working, 1 is in my buddys car and still works fine, and the last is under my bed cause the SQ to my fronts was awful. i replaced it with a Kenwood Excelon amp, and the differnce was incredable.

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good luck.

Amp/sub hook up question?

my friend got two 10inch L7's hooked up to the ZX15001 kicker amp in is custom sealed enclosure for his rx-8 and it bangs pretty hard even tho the birth sheet on his amp is rated at 1537 watts. I would imagine that 12's would hit just a little bit deeper than 10's but its still pretty damn loud. forget about ppl saying kicker has no sound quality its called subwoofer they are designed for bass and not mids and highs or else they would be called woofers, thats why there are compent systems out there like polk, eclipse, kicker, etc...
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